PROJECT ACHIEVEMENTS (“Empowering Parade Gardens, Kingston, through Renewable Energy and Skills Training”)

Funding Partner: Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)

Implementing/Co-funding Entity: Environmental Health Foundation (EHF)

Project Duration:  June 4, 2015 – August 31, 2016




Install a 10kW renewable energy (solar) system at the Parade Gardens Community Centre to reduce their energy cost by at least 70% as well as install 73 energy saving LED lights at the Community Centre and select households in the community.

Designed, installed and commissioned a 10kW solar energy system December 2016. Most recent electricity bill (June 2016) reflects an 80% decrease in energy demanded from the JPS grid, which corresponds to a 73% reduction in energy bills.

Reduction in carbon emissions of five (5) tonnes to date (June 2016). Seventy three percent (73%) reduction in energy bills of the Parade Gardens Community Centre (which provides essential services to the Parade Gardens community) and 80% reduction in energy demanded from fossil fuels.



Increase knowledge on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (as a climate change mitigation strategy); career and personal development and entrepreneurship, and stimulate behaviour change among the residents of the community through workshops and sensitization sessions.

Hosted two (2) sensitization workshops in the community which generated awareness of the benefits of renewable energy as well as the solar energy system to be installed at the Centre.

Hosted four (4) workshops: These educated over one hundred residents on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Career & Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship. Also, twelve (12) community members were trained on the assembly of LED array (used in energy efficient light bulbs and tubes).


Residents are more aware of the importance of energy efficiency and conservation. They are also introduced to career options and entrepreneurship opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency, which could enhance their livelihoods.

Train and certify 30 residents in Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency (10 youths), Food Preparation (10 persons) and Driving (10 persons).

Successfully trained and certified, through the Caribbean Maritime Institute, eleven (11) youths from Parade Gardens in Basic Solar PV Design and Installation. Provided work experience for two (2) of the candidates.

Six (6) candidates are enrolled in the Food Preparation Level III training (conducted by the Heart Trust NTA); Fifteen (15) residents are receiving driving training (13) have been successful in the examination and received driver’s licenses; a further six (6) candidates were trained in Advanced LED Array Assembly (certified), of which five (5) have been successful. All training is slated to be completed by August 2016.

A total of twenty nine (29) residents have been trained and certified.

Employability of the trained and certified individuals is now improved. Further, they are also better equipped to pursue their entrepreneurship interests, as a result of built capacity through training and certification.